Westfield Capital Corporation

For over 30 years, Westfield Capital Corporation has enabled companies to maximize their growth opportunities ensuring long term stability. Westfield provides professional assistance to corporate management in searching, negotiating, structuring and closing acquisitions and post-merger management. 

Our preference is to retain present management whenever possible, with meaningful incentives, including participation in future growth through properly structured earnout programs and/or equity participation.

We provide additional capital, through equity infusion or debt refinancing to sustain both internal and external growth. 

Westfield Capital provides financial, operational and/or marketing support, without burdening existing management with a large corporate structures or reporting procedures to best guarantee the overall prosperity of its acquired entities. 

Our approach is not to disrupt previously established corporate cultures but to augment them with necessary services and capital.

Westfield Capital Corporation is a diversified management holding company utilizing growth oriented strategies for optimal asset appreciation and profitability. 
                                          Westfield Capital Corporation ® Eight Greenwich Office Park, Greenwich, CT 06831

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