Westfield Capital Corporation

Portfolio Companies

The following is a list of current and past companies acquired in whole or part by the principals of Westfield Capital in its present or previous form:


Kolko Paper Company, Inc, Rochester, NY
Robfogel Mill-Andrews, Inc, Rochester, NY
Paris Paper, Buffalo, NY
Ziff Paper Company, Worcester, MA
Paper World, Boston, MA

Kolko, RMA, Paris and Ziff are full line distributors of industrial paper, plastic, foil and janitorial products used by industry, institutions, supermarkets and restaurants. They also distribute a full line of tapes, closures, industrial containers and related products.. 

Kolko, RMA, and Paris were merged into RMA Kolko Corp and subsequently sold to Unisource. Ziff was sold to Bunzl USA. 

Paper World is a business to business mail order company specializing in party goods and decorations. Its products are used in commercial establishments, restaurants and other public venues.


Derby Fabricating Solutions LLC, Louisville KY
Unique Fabricating, Inc, Rochester Hills, MI
Daily Dryer Corporation, Telford, PA
All-Dry, Inc, Emmaus, PA

Derby is a leading North American multi-material foam fabricator, selling its products to the automovtive, consumer products, and shipping industries. Producing nearly 3000 different parts and delivering over 42 million parts in an average month. Unique is a comprehensive provider of foam products which insulate and seal against hear, light, air, water and sound.

Daily Dryer and All-Dry combine extensive metal bending, fabrication adn stamping facilities with a nationwide mareketing organization specializing in sales of hardware and houseware products which consist primarily of laundry products such as clothes lines and other related items. Under the name National Hardware, they sell to every major  US retail chain.