Westfield Capital Corporation

Companies of any size in a related business to those of Westfield's present operations will be of particular interest. We do also review candidates from other industries provided they meet our minimum requirements. 

Companies need an established record of earnings with a substantial asset base in a well-defined market niche with minimum revenue of $10 million and minimum EBIT of $1.5 million.

Westfield is prepared to invest substantial equity capital offering financial flexibility necessary for potentially diverse acquisitions.
Westfield Capital Corporation 


Westfield Capital's operations have traditionally been concentrated in the following core businesses:

Precision Component Manufacturing

Injection Molding

Metal Fabrication

Metal Bending and Stamping

Industrial Distribution

Consumer Houseware and Hardware Products

Business to Business Mail Order

                      POST-ACQUISITION SERVICES

Basic to Westfield Capital's success has been a firm belief in maintaining automony at each company or within each industry group. It is our preference to retain present management whenever possible, with meaningful incentives, including participation in future growth. 

Westfield, however, is skilled at selecting new management when necessary.  Our role is to create an environment where managers are allowed and encouraged to develop to their fullest potential. We also assist management in selecting additional managers, consultants and advisors to help meet company objectives.